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Recently, a new friend of mine wrote an incredible little book. I don’t do this often, however, this book should really be on every ministry leader’s shelf (especially those who are called to be pastors). The author, Guy Burgo, is President and founder of Planned Giving Ministries. Guy has counseled thousands of Christian families in the areas of Biblical giving and stewardship, while working as a consultant to approximately 100 ministries and churches around the United States.

Before he published the book, he asked me to read it and give my input. I ended up being blown away by a teaching that I’ve not really ever heard before concerning giving. As a matter of fact, Guy used my endorsement for the book on the inside cover. It reads as follows:

“If you are content with mere religion and simply doing what you’ve always done because it’s all you’ve ever known or been taught, don’t read this book. I believe it will force you to engage in the true heart of God. Guy Burgo wonderfully clarifies many of my questions regarding the mysteries of the tithe and offerings. In his writing, his life, and in his ministry, I sense the beauty and wonder of the kingdom of God. I dare you to see for yourself how he humbly, accurately, and boldly unfolds Scripture to reveal the truth of this incredibly important subject of giving.” – Michael Craft

The book can be purchased electronically for $2.99, or in paperback for $4.99 by clicking the following link:

Free To Give As God Intended


  1. Dwight Hasbrouck says

    The book sounds awesome and I am going to get a copy!
    Your blog page is A+ and so are the photos.
    You ,Kelli & kids look great.
    Nice guns on you! I wish that I were your age again!
    Gods best,

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