Kelli and I have exciting news to share:

We have accepted the invitation to be the new Senior Pastors of Alpine Chapel in Telluride, Colorado! Telluride is a small town in Southwest Colorado, and it is at a high elevation (something very good for Kelli’s health). We have fallen in love with the community and the people of Alpine Chapel. We KNOW the Lord is guiding us in this direction.

Here are some answers to FAQ’s:

Why are you leaving Calvary Worship Center? Didn’t you just become the Creekside campus lead pastor?

Answer: I have loved my time at CWC, and leave with no bad feelings whatsoever. About a year ago my pastor confirmed that I had a “senior pastor’s” call on my life, and felt that I should consider returning to that roll. At that time I sent an application to Telluride for two reasons; because they had an opening, and it was at a high altitude. The Creekside campus was birthed during this past year and I wanted to give it all I had, not knowing what the Lord’s will was going to be. I did give it my all, and have seen Creekside launched in the healthiest way I know how. I do believe that campus will flourish with the leadership that Pastor Al will choose. I’m excited for what God will do at Calvary Worship Center Creekside! I love the people there, and thank God for the season I’ve had with Pastor Al Pittman and Calvary Worship Center, but I also know that my season has come to an end.

Why did you leave CWC without saying “goodbye”?

Answer: When I gave my month’s notice to CWC, it was felt the best thing would be for me to leave quietly and quickly. The Easter season is one of joy and celebration, where we rejoice that Jesus conquered death!!! No one wanted to see that atmosphere dampened by me crying all over the place (something that anyone who knows me, knows would definitely happen!) This blog is my chance to say goodbye to all of you. I love you and will miss you. Please keep in contact with me! I’m still in town for a few weeks and you can email me at: pastormcraft@gmail.com

Aren’t you leaving all your kids, grandkids, and future grandkids?

Answer: Yes…that’s been the toughest part of all this. But we’re only 5 hours away, and we will make the trek to see them VERY regularly! They are excited to have me preaching and teaching again, and stand with us that this is the Lord’s will for us.

Will your sermons be available?

Answer: Yes. To a website near you. Stay tuned.


  1. Henry Assel says

    Happy for you and Kelly…..wish we were closer…we would love to have you as our pastor again. We look forward to hearing you sermons online….love you guys.

    • says

      Thank you, brother! This means so much coming from you! Can’t believe you’re finally moving closer and I’m moving away, but as the great theologian, Michael W. Smith once said, “Friends are friends forever if the Lord’s the Lord of them!”

  2. Bill and Shirley Sanden says

    Michael and Kelli, we love you, we’re excited for this new chapter in your lives, we’ll be praying for you and will plan on a weekend get-a-way to come to Telluride to see you this summer! Take care and may God bless you and keep you…..always, Bill and Shirley

  3. Austin Frindt says

    Amen Pastor Michael. I’m glad you found something that is a good fit for both you and Kelli. You will be GREATLY missed. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your service during your time at CWC, including the School of Ministry. Jessica and I are very sad your season here is over. God bless you my friend

  4. says


    You will be greatly missed! Thanks for your great labor of love at CWC! We are excited for the work God has in store for you! If we find ourselves in your area, it would be great to say hi. It is beautiful there!

    Blessings to you and your family for all the Elliott family.


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