Speak Up For Those Who Can’t

Our GoFundMe account was terminated and all money that had been donated was refunded for reasons that don’t really make much sense. As we’ve inquired, we were told that “our campaign is in violation of this line from our Terms & Conditions: “any activity that violates any law or governmental regulation;”

I’m not really sure what this means, however, if I ventured to guess, it would be that the missionary we were speaking of (who had already complained to us about posting this) reported us to the GoFundMe people saying that Vincent was, although here on a legal VISA, working ‘illegally’ to earn the money.

This has been an incredibly discouraging turn of events, and this ‘missionary’ has fought us every step of the way, even though we never used his name. People from Vincent’s church do know who this individual is. I regretfully am withdrawing from the fight to get a fund-raising letter up, and will simply pray that God will meet this need… for His great name’s sake. Thank you to everyone who tried to donate. You are a true reflection of the Jesus I love.

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