We’ll Leave The Light On For Ya

We’ll Leave the Light On For Ya

December 16, 2018 – Pastor Michael shares from Luke 6:27-35.

Christians are called to be a light to this world, whether it is popular or not, with a crowd cheering us on, or with a crowd mocking us. We should not back down from following Jesus, simply because we’re tired or it is uncomfortable. At the same time, we must follow as He’s asked us to, offering our service to Him, as He has asked… not one minute ‘on’ and one minute ‘off’… not in our own strength… and never for our own glory.

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We prepare the way for You to come and move among us

Will You calm our hearts and draw us near?

Father, we need Your presence here.

We will look to the Cross for forgiveness.

We will look to Your Scriptures for real truth.

We’ll acknowledge Your Spirit, as You move us and change us…

we love You… Oh, we need You

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“Take Over”

I am not a great guitar player or singer, but I love to worship Jesus. This is one of my favorite worship songs:

Take Over by Shane & Shane [key of G, capo 2nd fret]

Thirsty, I’m thirsty for You

In a dry land, with no drink, I need You

I know You made a home inside this heart of stone, so turn it into flesh… Spirit soften it.

I give You all I have, I’m holding nothing back… Jesus, I am Yours.

Jesus, I am Yours!


Take over, Lover of my soul… take control.

I surrender, there’s nothing I want more than to know You, Lord… just to know You.


What am I supposed to do with all my kingdoms next to You… You’re the Lord!

You’re the Lord!

I could gain the world and more, but it’s all nothing next to You: my Reward! my Reward!

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