Photo Gallery

My entire beautiful family: All five children and all 10 grandchildren!

Kelli’s hoops steal the show in this picture.

Top of Empire State Building in NY

Kelli & I enjoying 'In-N-Out'

Eating a Tripple-Tripple at ‘In-N-Out’

Family vacation – April 2019 Cancun

Kelli is truly the love of my life!

Our oldest son, Conor, with his wife Diana and three children: Ki, Luna, and Elah.

Our second oldest son, Kolten, with wife, Amy and three children: Lovely, Honor, and River.

Our third son, Caleb, with wife Jocelyn and children: Ember, Zadok, and Shepherd.

Our oldest daughter, Michaela-Rayn, with husband Jonah and two children: Posie and Israel.

The day we dropped Merci off at Lancaster Bible College :_(

Our dog “TOZER” when he was only a puppy (named after A.W. Tozer).

Me in 1989 – The Christian Rocker days.
Tried going bald once… Kelli wasn’t happy.
My three boys and I in Denver supporting the K.C. Chiefs on December 11th, 2022. This has to be in my top 10 of favorite days ever. I love these men more than they’ll ever know.