Photo Gallery

Kelli & I in Washington DC with MLK (02-26-2023)


Family picture in 2017

Kelli & I enjoying 'In-N-Out'

‘In-N-Out’ – my fave

Family vacation – April 2019 Cancun

Granddaughter – Lovely Joy Craft with Papa

River Stardust Craft

Grandson – Hezekiah ‘Ki’ Truth Craft

Granddaughter – Elah Dayenu Craft

Ember & Papa

Grandson – Zadok Craft

Zadok, Ember, & Papa

Granddaughter – Posie Kealani Jean Hoe

Granddaughter – Posie Kealani Jean Hoe

My grandson, Israel Keala Michael Hoe

My grandson, Israel Keala Michael Hoe

Kelli is truly the love of my life!

2nd daughter, Merci Klarrah. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Our oldest son, Conor, with his family: Diana, Ki, Luna (baby Elah is in there too… look closely) and their dog, Mishka

2nd son, Kolten Michael Craft, with wife Amy, daughter, Lovely, and son, Honor.

My Third son, Caleb, his wife Jocelyn and daughter Ember.

My daughter Michaela with husband Jonah and Posie and Izzy

With my pastor, Al Pittman, in 2017 at the Garden of Gethsemane in Israel

Our dog “TOZER” (named after A.W. Tozer) as a puppy.

The long-haired days.
My three boys and I in Denver supporting the K.C. Chiefs on December 11th, 2022.