Got Hope?

1 Peter 3:13-16

Questions to help you dig deeper into the weekend message for your small group or family devotions:

Have you ever been in a situation where you were feeling hopeless? What got you through?

Read Hebrews 6:15. Abraham was a man who “patiently endured until he obtained the promise”. How did he do this?

Read 1 Peter 3:13. Pastor Michael shared how we can definitely go through ‘hurts’, but no one could ever truly ‘harm’ us. Why not?

Read Matthew 5:11-12. How in the world could a person be ‘blessed’ if they suffer?

In this message, four ways were presented that show that people are essentially without hope before finding Jesus. Talk about each of these:

  • Hole in heart – empty
  • On their own – lonely
  • Painfully guilty – guilty
  • Eternity is unsure – anxiety about death

The message ended with a reference to John 9:25, the former-blind man’s response to the religious leaders. What can we learn from this response about when we are questioned about our faith? What is the Word really teaching in 1 Peter 3:15?


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