B.R.A.C.E. for Impact

Acts 27:13-42


Would God call you to get on a boat… to set sail, when He knew that there would be rough waters… just to get you to the place where He wanted you to be so that you could make the greatest impact for your life?

Read Acts 27:18-20. We see those on the ship getting rid of everything that was weighing the boat down and could cause it to sink. How does Philippians 3:13-14 speak to this idea? What are some things that are weighing you down spiritually right now?

Read Acts 27:21-26. We see Paul refocusing on the mission that God had called him to complete, and thus, not at all showing fear in the face of such a storm. What is your primary objective? What are you truly living your life for? How could knowing this eliminate fear from your life?

Read Acts 27:30-32. We must attach ourselves to others for the sake of the whole. Read Hebrews 10:25 and discuss why this is an important aspect of the Christian life.

What did Jesus really mean in Matthew 5:14? What does this look like practically in your life… at home… at work?

Read Acts 27:42-44. What wreckage from your life could others grab onto and then perhaps find their way to shore… (be ‘saved’)?


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