Blessed are the Flexible

Mark 2:13-22

Family Devotion & Small Group Questions:

“Blessed are the Flexible”
Mark 2:13-122

1.     Before starting, what was something that stood out and ministered to you most from this Bible study time?

2.     Read Mark 2:13-14. This passage in Luke 5 mentions that Levi left everything to follow Jesus. Why would this be an important thing for someone who earnestly desired to follow Jesus to do?

3.     Read Mark 2:15-17. How should a Christian, or a church, balance the need to feed the mature believers AND be welcoming to the lost. Do you think you do this well? How about our church?

4.     Read Mark 2:18-20. Jesus’ response to the critic’s question about fasting had to do with a wedding and the Bridegroom. What was He inferring here? Do you think that some people equate Christianity with grumpiness or misery? If so, why? What could we do to change this perception?

5.     Read Mark 2:21-22. Jesus gives two illustrations to prove a point. What is His point?

6.     Verse 22 states that we should, “put new wine into fresh wineskins’. The word fresh there can mean, ‘renewed’. What would it look like for a Believer to be ‘renewed’. What would the result be for them personally? What is the result for a church?


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