BRACE for Impact

Acts 27:13-44


Start with reading Acts 27:13-44. Below you’ll see Pastor Michael’s 5 main points, along with questions:

Bail Acts 27:18-20 – Get rid of what weighs you downWhat might sink you?

What are some of the things that weigh down many Christ-followers today? What are some practical ways to BAIL on these things?

Refocus Acts 27:21-26 – Refocus on your Primary ObjectiveWhere are you going?

What is the primary objective for a Jesus-follower? Read the following verses and discuss: Ephesians 4:11-13, 2 Timothy 1:6-8, 2 Corinthians 6:3-4, 2 Chronicles 29:11

Attach Acts 27:30-32 – Attach Yourself to OthersWho are you taking with you?

The sailors were trying to sneak away. How does this relate to what Christians might be tempted to do today during a trial?

Catalyst Acts 27:33-37 – Serve as a Catalyst of hopeHow are you affecting others?

Paul stood up and encouraged his shipmates when they were deeply discouraged. Talk about a time that someone encouraged you in the Lord when you were down. Pastor Michael stated, “There should be nothing that could ever happen in this life that would/could make you abandon the hope you have within you”. Read Matthew 5:14 and discuss how we practically can obey this verse.

Eliminate Acts 27:39-41 –Eliminate Retreat as an OptionWhen are you going to ditch the excuses?

In the spring of 1519 a Spanish fleet set sail for North America. Their leader, a man named Cortez, had a mission to bring God to this area of the world. On the eastern shore of Mexico they landed with great dreams, but the hardships of the new world made them restless and weak. Quietly they whispered to each other, “Let’s sail back to the life we knew”. But when Cortez heard about this he commanded that the ships be burnt. “Burn the ships we’re here to stay. There’s no way we could go back now that we’ve come this far by faith! Burn the ships we’ve passed the point of no return… our life is now here so let the ships burn and burn!” Like Paul’s crew cutting the anchors and letting the wind take them wherever it would, Cortez eliminated retreat as an option for them. How can people that call themselves ‘Christians’ keep themselves from returning to the old way of life?

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