Describing the Indescribable

Genesis 1:1

Questions to help you dig deeper into the message for your family devotions or small groups:

What stood out most to you in this message?

Read Genesis 1:1 – Pastor Michael mentioned that if you have trouble believing this verse, then you’re going to have trouble believing anything else the Bible says. Is this true? Why?

Read Revelation 1:8 and Revelation 22:13. What is the significance of Jesus being called the “Alpha & Omega”? What does this mean for us when we go through the ‘Deltas’?

Read Exodus 20:3-5. What are your thoughts about what was spoken about those that pray to anyone other than Jesus? Why is this “ascribing God’s attributes to humans”? How does 1 Timothy 2:5 relate?

Main point: There’s NO ONE like our God! How can the following attributes of God cause us to trust Him more?

  • He’s pure, flawless, holy
  • He’s all-powerful, omnipotent
  • He’s unchanging
  • He’s all-knowing, omniscient
  • He’s ever-present, omnipresent



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