What Child Is This?

Luke 1:26-38

Questions to help you dig deeper into the message:

Read Luke 1:26-38 and Luke 1:41-49. What stood out and ministered to you most from this message?

Mary asked questions, because what she was hearing was a little hard to believe… for a few reasons. PMC mentioned that it was okay to ask questions and even have doubts IF a person is still “open to the truth and willing to give up control of their lives if they can be shown that the truth is other than what they have always thought.” Talk about what that statement means, and the next: “And there are those who use doubts as a way of staying in control of their lives and keeping their minds closed.” Have you known anyone like this?

Read John 20:24-29. What is Jesus’ anger-level, tolerance-level, towards Thomas? Why do you think “asking sincere questions” can be so looked down upon in many Christian circles?

It was the Holy Spirit that revealed to Elizabeth and truly sealed the deal for Mary. Read Romans 8:9-11 and John 16:8-11. How does the Holy Spirit ‘seal the deal’ for folks today?



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