Easter: Time to REST

Genesis 8:4

Family Discussion Questions from the Children’s Message:

  1. What did Jesus pray in the garden?(He asked God to take the suffering away but agreed to do God’s plan no matter what, Matt. 26:39)
  2. How did Jesus die?(He was hung on a cross, or crucified; Matt. 27:33-50)
  3. What did the women find on the third day?(an empty tomb, an angel who said that Jesus rose again; Matt. 28:5-6)
  4. Why is it important that Jesus perfectly obeyed God?Guide the kids to understand that Jesus could only be the perfect sacrifice for our sin if He was not a sinner. His perfect obedience is amazing and true, and it’s the reason His death was enough to pay for sin.
  5. Why is it important that Jesus really died?Guide kids to understand that God demands a sacrifice for sin. Because we are sinners, we deserve death. If there were no sacrifice, God would not be perfectly just. Jesus had to die for us to be forgiven. (See Heb. 9:22; Rom.6:23; and 2 Cor. 5:21.) 
  6. Why is it important that Jesus rose to life?Help kids see that Jesus’ rising again was proof that His sacrifice was enough. He rose again to prove that sin and death were totally defeated. We have victory in Christ. (See 1 Cor. 15:12-22.)

Mom or Dad Say – Jesus lived a perfect life of obedience to God. Then, Jesus died on the cross to pay for sin and rose again to defeat death. Only Jesus is the way to live forever with God. Through Him, we have victory and can live courageously for God’s glory by loving and obeying Him. We have nothing to fear because Jesus is always with us when we have faith in Him. (This would be a good time to ask your kids if they want to give their lives to Jesus. You can lead them in that prayer… Finish by leading your family in Prayer)

Activity Page 1 – Resurrection Sunday

Activity Page 2 – Resurrection Sunday

Activity Page 3 – Resurrection Sunday

Activity Page 4 – Resurrection Sunday

QUESTIONS TO HELP YOU DIG DEEPER INTO THE MAIN MESSAGE [for small groups or more family discussion]:

How important is EASTER to the Christian faith? Why?

The Bible tells us specifically (Genesis 8:4) when Noah’s Ark came to rest. Why do you think the Bible is specific about dates like that? Who cares? Why is the date given in this verse important?

The ‘ARK’ is said to be a symbol (‘type’) for SALVATION. Why?

In what ways does Jesus being alive provide ‘REST’ for those who believe in Him?

Read John 20:19-20. Why were some of Jesus’ first words to His friends, “Peace”? Why would this have been the exact message they needed? How is that a message that we might need to hear today too?


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