Getting CornerSTONED

Luke 20:9-19

Here you’ll find questions for adult small groups, as well as questions about the Children’s Message with Activity Pages for kids…


Read the text: Luke 20:9-19.

Have you ever used a parable, or a story, to drive home a point to someone? It may have been a child, student, or even a friend. What was Jesus using this parable to show the religious leaders in Jerusalem?

What do you think Jesus wanted His audience (as well as us) to know about the fate of those who reject God’s Son? In other words, what can we learn from this passage?

Why do you think the the religious leaders responded the way they did to Jesus in verse 16? Those that have been entrusted to represent God to others seem to be held to a higher standard, who does that include? (Malachi 2:1-9 and James 3:1).

Pastor Michael mentioned many times that Jesus is the Cornerstone, the Rock. What did that mean to the Jews (Romans 9:32-33)… To the Gentiles, (Daniel 2:34)… and to us believers (Ephesians 2:20)? What would it look like if Jesus were truly the CORNERSTONE of a person’s life?

The story was told of a rock in the middle of the Oregon Trail on the Eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains. What was the point of that story? How is the Cornerstone NOT recognized today?

Who are people in your life that have rejected the message of the Gospel? What does this passage say about their fate? What are some practical ways that you can pray for them to see the life they can have if they surrender to Christ as Savior?

Family Discussion Questions for the Children’s Message: “John Pointed to Jesus”

Have a volunteer read John 3:35-36.

  • Why did John say Jesus must increase and he (John) must decrease? Prompt kids to recall that with Jesus on earth, John’s mission was complete. Jesus was the One whom people had been waiting for—the promised Messiah who would save people from their sins! Jesus was greater than John, and John joyfully stepped aside as Jesus began His earthly ministry.
(Option: Choose a volunteer to read Luke 14:11.)
  • Who deserves fame and glory in our own lives—us or God? Why? Help kids recognize that even when you work hard to accomplish something great, you can give God glory because He made you and gives you special talents and abilities. Prompt them to discuss ways they can make Jesus famous instead of trying to make a great name for themselves.(Option: Choose a volunteer to read Matt. 5:16.)
  • How can we point others to Jesus? Invite kids to discuss how we can tell people directly about Jesus, and we can also show kindness and have peace in a way that shows we trust Jesus with our lives and our future. (Option: Choose a volunteer to read 1 Pet. 3:15.)


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