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Luke 21:5-38


Read Lamentations 3:22-23. Discuss the blessings found in this passage. Why are they blessings? Why does this give Jeremiah ‘hope’ (verse 21) and why does he need to remind himself of these truths? Why do you?

Remember the story of Willem Mons and Peter the Great? Why would the enemy want to remind you of your past failings again and again… each and every morning? Read Hebrews 8:12, Psalm 103:12, and Micah 7:19. What do these verses mean to you personally?

Our text in Luke 21 is long and full of future prophecies. Some have come true already, some have yet to come true. How is the very last verse in Luke 21 a wonderful message to us today about how we can be those that are prepared for any and everything that may come? When thinking of New Year ‘resolutions’, what are some you’d make this year?

Family Discussion Questions for the children’s message: “Jesus and Nicodemus”

Jesus taught that we must be born again. Without Jesus, we are spiritually dead. Our hearts are hard, and we love sin more than we love God. But God can soften people’s hearts. Jesus offers new life to those who trust in Him for salvation. Let’s answer our big picture question: What makes people special? People are special because we are made in God’s image, as male and female, to know Him.

Have a volunteer read John 3:14-16.

How was the bronze serpent being lifted up like Jesus being lift up? Lead kids to connect that like the serpent, Jesus was lifted up on the cross. He died for our sins and was raised from the dead. Like the Israelites with snakebites, we can’t do anything to save ourselves. But we can look to Jesus for salvation.(Option: Choose a volunteer to read Num. 21:8-9.

Can a person get into heaven by doing enough good things? Why or why not? Emphasize that God wants us to obey Him, but the Bible says everyone sins. (Rom. 3:23) If we had to obey God perfectly to go to heaven, no one would ever get to heaven! We are accepted by God when we trust in Jesus, who lived a perfect life and died the death we deserve for our sins.(Option: Choose a volunteer to read Eph. 2:8-9.)

How is being apart from God like being in the dark? How can we bring friends and family members into the light of the gospel? Explain to kids that the Bible says that Jesus is the light of the world. Before we trust in Jesus, we live in darkness. Discuss the difficulty of seeing in the dark. God lights up the path of our lives and shows us what is true. We can tell others about what Jesus has done and pray for them.(Option: Choose a volunteer to read Eph. 5:8-10.)


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