Haunted by Sin, Freed by Jesus

Mark 6:14-29

Summary of Message: In our passage we see Herod committing a pretty atrocious sin. Historians tell us that he was haunted by this sin for the rest of his life! So many people today are also haunted by their past sins. We find in Scripture that we have a choice, however. We can either accept God’s forgiveness, or we can reject it. One choice leads to a lifetime of shame, the other to freedom!

Questions for your Family Devotions or Grace Groups:

  1. Review Mark 6:14-29. What was something the Lord used to speak to you personally in this message?
  2. Why do you believe Mark included this flashback to Herod between sending out the disciples (verses 6-13) and their return (verses 30-31)?
  3. Why did Herod jail John? What were the true reasons Herod went against what he wanted to do and had John murdered? What lessons do you learn from this? (Bonus Questions: How important is it to you to please others? When does your desire to please others lead you, like Herod, to do wrong?)
  4. Read Isaiah 1:18. What is being said here? What’s the context? How do the colors and images in this verse relate to those that are haunted by their past?
  5. Read Ephesians 1:7 and Romans 10:11. What would you say to someone who is truly struggling with not being able to let go of their past? How does Revelation 12:10 speak to this subject of shame and guilt?
  6. Herod had a ‘dark side’. What can be done practically in your life to deal with the ‘dark side’ you may struggle with? (here’s some suggestions…)
    1. Ignore it
    2. Admit it
    3. Enjoy it
    4. Exert more effort to suppress it
    5. Ask God to forgive your indulging it
    6. Invite God’s Spirit to empower you to fight it
    7. Avoid certain tempting situations

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