I Wonder As I Wander

Luke 9:23-27

Questions for further digging:

What did Jesus say would happen to Him in verse 22? Why do you think Jesus foretold these things?

What does it mean to ‘take up his cross daily” (24)? How is that practically done?

Restate Jesus’ principle in Luke 9:24-25 in your own words.

How can we practically allow that thought to change how we do things, say to our spouse or roommate?

Summary & Application

Jesus never calls us where He does not go. As Jesus emphasizes here, it is important to solidify our commitment to the Lord now before the pressure grows. Christ must be followed even if our life must be forfeited, however, He stands with us and even helps us to carry our cross.

Who do you believe Jesus is? What you truly believe might be different from what you say. What you deep down believe will in the end influence how you respond to Him and His words here.

What is your cross? Do you take it up daily? Share how you practically do that in your daily life.

Are you a disciple of Jesus? Do you carry your cross? Have you given up your possessions in your heart? What about your respect and honor? Use this sentence to help you go through each area of your life to fully commit yourself to the Lord: “Even if I lose …., I will follow You Jesus. You have the words of life.”

What does it make you feel to know that Jesus stands beside you to help you carry your cross daily? Read Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 and think of Jesus as being the ‘Other’ in these verses. Is that a neat thought? Why?


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