Jesus is for Losers

Luke 9:57-62


READ Luke 9:57-62. Do you think Jesus wants all of His disciples to without reserve follow Him? Is this what this passage is about? Why or why not?

Why does Jesus three times not encourage but warn His disciples after they express their willingness to follow Him? Usually we never add any caution to them following Jesus. Is this good or bad?

In thinking about Luke 9:58, we see that Jesus is challenging those who say they want to follow Him by telling them it is not always easy to follow Jesus. Share some examples of how it might be difficult to follow Jesus in His day and in your own context.

As we think about Luke 9:60, we find Jesus challenging those disciples who make bargains with Jesus. They think that they are in charge of their choices in life. If they have something important to do, then they need decide what to do. How does a ‘Master-servant’ concept help us understand the problem here? Which approach do you use in your everyday life?

What particular problem is Jesus targeting among His professing disciples in Luke 9:62? Is consistency a problem behind Christians that you know? What is the root problem behind persistence in faith? How do you think about Christians that are inconsistent in their faith?

After reading Luke 9:57-62, how would you answer the person who asked you, “What is a Christian?”


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