Jesus’ Middle Name

Luke 10:38-42



Talk about a time when you found it hard to do something, but someone jumped in and helped. Did having someone with you make a difference?


Read Luke 10:38 – 42.

What do we learn from this passage about the personalities of Mary and Martha? Anyone studied any personality types? How would you categorize these two? Which personality type do you tend to relate to more?

How would you describe the relationship between Mary and Martha? Have you ever had that kind of relationship with one of your siblings? What about one of your ‘spiritual’ siblings? What did you do about it?

Look at Luke 10:40. How does Martha feel at this moment? Is she justified in her feelings? How would you feel?

What was it Mary choose that was “better”?

Was what Martha did wrong? Do you think it is possible for us to busy ourselves with activities, even church activity, and never spend time sitting before, adoring and listening to Jesus? A famous quote by Robert Murray McCheyne is: “No amount of activity in the King’s service will make up for the neglect of the King Himself.” – What are your thoughts on that quote?

Read Psalm 46:10. Why is busyness so attractive to us? Why do we find it difficult to slow down and do what this verse is asking us to do?

What are the advantages to spending time regularly “at the feet of Jesus”?


Let’s close by taking time to spend in adoring prayer. Let’s pray together and tell the Lord again how much we love Him, how much we appreciate Him saving us, how much we appreciate the Holy Spirit and the Bible and the hope of eternal life. Let’s purpose in our prayer to be like Mary and spend time regularly doing this.


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