May I Be Excused?

Luke 14:15-24

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What is the BEST excuse you’ve ever used? Was it true?

Read Luke 14:15-24. In describing the cultural context of refusing an invitation, Pastor Michael said, “To accept the invitation beforehand and then refuse it on the day of the party was horribly offensive, because of the way that the food had been prepared! It was a serious insult to the host.” Why did Jesus tell this story? What point was He trying to make to His listeners?

What was the first excuse? How do people TODAY use this excuse to decline Jesus’ invitation to accept Him, or perhaps not do something He has asked of them? Talk about this.

What was the second excuse? Have you ever used a ‘thing’, or a ‘hobby’, as an excuse to ignore something God has asked of you? Do you think it’s possible to use excuses so long, that it becomes a habit?

What was the third excuse? How can ‘family’ become an excuse to God to obey Him? Have you ever seen this?

Pastor Michael mentioned THREE INVITATIONS of Jesus that he could find. Talk about each of these and discuss if you’ve ever accepted these invitations… or rejected them: 1) to find rest – Matthew 11:28. 2) to dwell with Him – John 15:4. 3) to discipleship – Mark 1:17

During this time where the ‘CORONAVIRUS’ is a pretty scary thing, read Psalm 91 out loud to your group. Really concentrate on verse 1 and verses 10-11. Who are the ones protected?

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