Missional Church

Luke 8:22-15

These questions are meant to stir up discussion with you and your family, or small group, during the week following the past weekend’s message. The purpose is to dig deeper into the main ideas of the message. This might be a wonderful way to have a quick family devotion time!

  1. Pastor Michael said that after ‘teaching’ comes ‘testing’. He gave 3 examples: Airplane pilot, Brain Surgeon, DMV. Discuss what God’s purpose would be for doing this.
  2. The first point was: His Promise To Them. Why is it easy to believe and trust others’ word, but not trust the promises we read in God’s Word? (remember Reader’s Digest?)
  3. The second point was: His Presence With Them. What changes in our thinking when we truly believe that ‘when Jesus is in the boat, the boat is gonna float’? What would your thought life be like?
  4. The third point was: His Peace Among Them. What are some reasons God might be silent in our storms?
  5. The disciples in this story are taking Jesus where HE can deliver & heal others. Discuss the following ideas. Why are they important?
  • The best ministries are ones where Jesus gets the glory
  • The best ministries are those that see themselves only as vessels that carry Jesus to the hurting… not as the ‘healers’ themselves.

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