No Gurlz Allowed

Luke 8:1-3

Today, there are many Christians who hold fast to the idea that women are inferior to men and cannot be used in certain ministries. These folks will use specific Scripture (out of cultural context and, more importantly, out of Scriptural context) to prove their point. This message will, hopefully, show that various types of people can love and serve God out of obedience and love. There are no barriers that disqualify someone from serving the King of Glory, other than sin; Not color of skin, gender, education, popularity… nothing!

If you’d like to DIG DEEPER, here are some questions to help you and your family or small group do so:

  1. Did your thinking change about ‘women being used in ministry’, as a result of the message on Sunday? If not, why? Do you think God can and even wants to use anyone and everyone who is submitted to Him?


  1. What kind of people can God use to bring glory to His name? Are there any barriers or disqualifiers? What about sin? Talk about what makes a person ‘able to be used’ by God.


  1. Talk about some of the people God has used to minister to you throughout your life? Were any of them women? Children? Persons of a different age, color or ethnic background?


  1. What is the significance of the veil being ripped in the Temple? Read Ephesians 2:14-16 for help with this?

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