Restoration Series Part 1 – “Interrupting Faith”

Luke 8:40-56

SUMMARY: The radical faith we have in Jesus, not just for what He can do, but for who He is, will cause Him to stop and restore our lives. This is the beginning of how we experience revival, renewal, and true restoration.

For small groups and further discussion:

READ TEXT: Luke 8:40-56

QUESTION 1. What are some things that both of these females have in common in our text? Is the number 12 significant? Why?

QUESTION 2. Why would this woman with the “issue of bleeding” have been miserable physically, financially, and emotionally?

QUESTION 3. What was so special about Jesus’ robe? How does Malachi 4:2 come into this?

QUESTION 4. What is the difference in having faith that Jesus is a miracle-worker, and believing God’s prophetic Word that Jesus is Who He said He is? Is that even a big deal? Why?

QUESTION 5. READ 2 Timothy 1:12 and Luke 17:5 and talk about doubts and how we can deal with them when they arise.


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