Roamin’ Mythology

Luke 15:1-7

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  1. Questions from the Main Message: ‘Roamin’ Mythology’
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READ THE TEXT: Luke 15:1-7. Jesus begins to tell a parable here, with three parts; The first part is about a ‘lost sheep’, the second is about a ‘lost coin’, and the third is about a ‘lost son’. Why do you think Jesus told this parable, with these three parts, at this precise moment when the Pharisees and scribes were “complaining”? What was their complaint? How does this parable address their complaint?

Read Psalm 27:4. Why did David ask this? He was God’s anointed king, and he could have asked for anything! Why this? Is this something we should be asking for? What would this even look like?

Read 1 Peter 2:25. Pastor Michael stated, “Sheep are pretty dumb animals. They are one of the only animals that can get lost very easily, because of their tendency to wander off. As a matter of fact, even if you put food out for them in the same place – you know how most animals will learn to return to that place and expect a meal – sheep will not do that. No matter how good the food is… sheep will allow their curiosity to lead them astray and away from protection and nourishment time and time again.” Does this sound like something you’ve ever noticed in your own spiritual walk? Has curiosity ever lead you to roam away from what you knew God desired for your life? What were the results?

Have you known anyone that has bought into the ‘myth’ that “roaming away from the Lord, at times, is okay”? How would you interpret 2 Peter 2:20-21?

Isaiah 40:11 states,He protects His flock like a Shepherd; He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them in the fold of His garment. He gently leads those that are nursing. What does the last part of that verse mean? Pastor Michael said that this should be the main motivation for us to NOT roam away from the Good Shepherd. Why is this a motivation? Wouldn’t the fear of the Shepherd breaking our leg be a better motivation? 

  1. Family Discussion Questions for the Children’s Message:Isaiah, Prophet to Judah”

Choose a volunteer in your family to read aloud Isaiah 53:6.

Ask the following questions and Lead your family to discuss:

  1. What do all of the prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament show about God? Do they help you trust Him more? Guide kids to discuss that the Old Testament prophecies told about things that would happen hundreds of years later, and God kept His promises through Jesus. We see that God was working out His plan all along to send a Savior, and He is faithful to do what He says(Option: Choose a volunteer to read Luke 24:44 and discuss.)
  2. How can people who are sinful approach a holy God? Lead kids to recall that a holy God is separate from sin. Without Jesus, we cannot be with God. Jesus came to take away our sin and give us His righteousness. We recognize we are sinful, but we trust in Him. God forgives our sin and gives us eternal life. We look forward to being with Him forever.(Option: Choose a volunteer to read Heb. 4:14-16 and discuss.)
  3. How could Isaiah’s story encourage someone who is nervous about the future?Lead kids to identify that seven hundred years before Jesus was born, the prophet Isaiah told about the Messiah. God planned all along that Jesus would die on the cross for our sin. Kids can encourage others that God is in control and working out everything for His glory and our good. Even when we do not know or understand God’s plan, we can trust Him with our future.(Option: Choose a volunteer to read Ps. 16:5 and discuss.)

Finish by taking prayer requests and praying together as a family.


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Isaiah, Prophet to Judah

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