Tattoos for the Kingdom

Luke 8:16-21

Jesus describes what a person who lives out what they are hearing Him preach looks like. They will have certain ‘marks’ upon them. They will be different. They will ultimately be… His family.

These questions are meant to stir up discussion with you and your family, or small group, during the week following the past weekend’s message. The purpose is to dig deeper into the main ideas of the message. This might be a wonderful way to have a quick family devotion time!


  1. Pastor Michael made this statement: “Someone that makes the choice to live in God’s Kingdom has resigned themselves to live very differently than ordinary folks… thus, they look different. They should stand out. They should have certain ‘marks’ on them that separate them from others.” Do you agree with this statement? If it’s true, what ‘marks’ should these people have?


  1. Discuss what it means to ‘SHINE’ for Jesus. Practically, what does it look like? What does it NOT look like?


  1. Why would living life with “NO SECRETS” be a positive thing? Pastor Michael shared how people hide things from 3 people, Ourselves, Others, and God. How do we do that?


  1. Moving forward and not remaining STAGNANT in our relationship with the Lord is important. However, how can we accomplish this?


  1. FOR STUDENTS WHO WANT TO DIVE REALLY DEEP: Read through Ezekiel chapter 9. The vision Ezekiel had was of a man clothed in linen who was asked to go through the city and mark the foreheads of all who were grieved over the sin of the land. Those with the ‘mark’ would be spared. In Revelation chapter 7 we see another group (144,000) whose foreheads were ‘marked’ and in Revelation chapter 14 we read that that group will also be spared (literally, ‘redeemed’). Talk about the importance of us being ‘marked for the Kingdom’.



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