That’s Saying A Lot

Luke 3:19-22 God has a way of packing a lot into a little, and He does this here in His thundering statement as Jesus is being baptized. What did that statement mean to all the people standing there listening, and what does it mean to us today? DISCUSSION STARTERS:
  • James 1:19 (as well as, Ecclesiastes 5:3,7) talks about our "many words". How often are we quick to fill up the space with many words, rather than listening? What is the benefit of listening more?
  • What moments are appropriate to speak up for truth in your life? Do the 'Herods' in your life ever cause you to shy away and shut your mouth? What, or who, are those 'Herods'?
  • How do these characteristics of Jesus affect you and your relationship with Him? King of kings, Son of God, Servant, Sacrifice? In other words, how are each of these significant to you in your relationship with Jesus?

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