The Bottom Line

Genesis 1:1b

Questions, for your family devotions or small group, to help you dig deeper into the message.

Read Genesis 1:1. What spoke to you most in this message?

It was stated that “the Bible never claims to be a book of science, yet whenever it touches on issues of science, it is crazy how accurate it turns out to be! The truth is, there is no proven scientific fact that contradicts a single statement written in the pages of the Bible.” Do you believe this? What do you think the common belief is concerning the Bible and science? Why is that the case?

Read Psalm 19:1-3. What are these verses teaching?

Read Romans 1:18-25. Why do you think men and women might ‘suppress the truth’ and ‘exchange the truth for a lie’? What are the consequences of this?

Why can debating with someone ‘scientifically’ be a huge waste of time? What is the one question that is really the bottom line?

Read Colossians 1:15-17. Break down these verses. Why are these verses so vital in our understanding of Who Jesus really is?


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