The Opposing Team’s Strategy

1 Peter 2:11

Questions to help you dig deeper into the weekend message for your small group or family devotions:

Read the text: 1 Peter 2:11.

Peter mentions in chapter 1:6-7 that the Believers should rejoice in fiery trials. Now, in chapter 2, he seems to shift gears and, rather than focus on the external fiery trials coming their way, seems to be even more concerned with another burning issue; the internal ignition of fleshly desires. Pastor Michael stated that this wasn’t really shifting gears, and that these two things were actually connected. How so? How do external pressures affect our internal spiritual walks?

What part has ‘abstinence’ played in the message of ‘the Church’ over the ages? Has it always been good? Why or why not?

In what ways could ‘abstaining from sinful desires’ SIMPLIFY a life?

What is at stake when a person chooses NOT to place non-negotiable parameters in their life?

Pastor Michael used an example of his son and a certain craving… that he no longer has. What are some things that you, or someone you know, has matured out of being tempted from?

Read Judges 16:21. Talk about the three things sin does to a person, as perfectly illustrated in this verse.

What are some things you feel God has asked you to ‘abstain’ from? Would you be willing to ask others to pray for you concerning these convictions?


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