The PASSION of Jesus

Luke 10:1-24


In your life, what have you been most passionate about?

Our text was Luke 10:1-24. Jesus used the example of a ‘harvest’ when He referred to those that needed to hear His message. Pastor Michael talked about how this pointed to the ‘urgency’ of getting the message out. Do you think there’s an urgency to share the Gospel with others today? Why or why not? How have you seen God use you to influence others?

Pastor Michael shared, “We lose passion when we allow something precious to become familiar“. Have you ever found this principle to be true in your own life? If so, talk about it.

What would others, those closest to you, say you are most passionate about?

In Luke 10, verse 21, we see Jesus “rejoicing in the Holy Spirit“. Why? What made Him so happy?

Are you satisfied with your passion for God and your relationship with Him? What needs to change so that He becomes your focus in life? Read Matthew 22:35-40.


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