The REST Is Up To You

Genesis 2:1-3

Questions, for your family devotions or small group, to help you dig deeper into the message:

What stood out to you most in this message?

Read Genesis 2:1-3. Why do you believe God rested on the seventh day?

Read Isaiah 56:1-7 and Isaiah 58:13. What is promised in these Scriptures?

After Pastor Michael quickly shared the story of Samson and Delilah, and how she wove his hair into the loom, he stated, “I’m convinced that many people – men in particular – find themselves sleeping on the lap of Delilah because they haven’t kept the Sabbath.” Talk about what this means.

Read Matthew 6:21. It was also stated that the toughest areas for Christians to surrender are in the areas of Money and Time. Why is this the case?

This message ended with a story about little Matthew jumping into the deep end of the pool. Pastor Michael then stated, “Matthew had no doubt that Joe loved him, and that Joe would be there for him time and time again. Even though he was scared to death – once he placed his trust in Joe – there was nothing keeping him from living this new adventure. So too, we are to be those who live our lives with complete trust in our God… In every area of our lives.” What would need to change in your life for you to completely place your total trust in God?


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