What to Get the ONE Who Has Everything

Luke 20:21-26


Read Acts 17:16-23. To be noticed by the Greek philosophers of Athens, how extensive was Paul’s activity? Why do you think, amongst all their other idols and altars, they had one marked “to the UNKNOWN god”?

Pastor Michael stated, “Notice: Paul wasn’t finding a lack of worship in Athens. In fact,… there was no apathy in their worship. What he did find, however, was “uncertainty”. Worshiping people were obviously there… but at the same time they were wondering if there was something more. Do you think people in our day worship? What do they worship? Do you think they wonder if there’s something more, or do they have it all figured out?

Read Luke 20:21-26. Explain why Jesus answered the way He did in verse 25. What was He really saying?

What percentage of yourself belongs to God? Why?

What distresses you spiritually about the area in which you live? What specific needs do you see? What do you feel God is calling you to do about it?

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY: Family Discussion Questions for “JESUS’ EARLY MIRACLES”

Have a volunteer read Mark 1:40-42.

How did Jesus’ miracles show His care for creation? Guide kids to discuss how Jesus’ miracles restored parts of creation that were affected by sin coming into the world. Jesus cast out unclean spirits, made sick people well, and healed skin diseases. Explain that later in His ministry, Jesus also raised people from the dead, gave sight to people who were blind, and ultimately brought the greatest healing—forgiveness of sins—through His death and resurrection.(Option: Choose a volunteer to read Ps. 77:14.)

Do we need to see miracles to believe in Jesus? Why or why not? Point out that many people saw Jesus’ miracles and believed, but Jesus said those who do not see and still believe are blessed. The Bible tells us everything we need to believe in Jesus.(Option: Choose a volunteer to read John 20:29-31.)

In what ways does God reveal Himself today? Lead kids to recognize that God shows us what He is like through the Word—the Bible. The Bible says we can also understand what God is like by looking at His creation. Invite kids to share observations of creation that tell them something about what God is like.(Option: Choose a volunteer to read Rom. 1:19-20.)



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