1. Holly Waugh says

    It totally made my day to hear PMC preach again but what made my day even more was seeing his lovely wife by his side, nodding her head, and laughing at his jokes. 🙂 So glad that God called you back into ministry. Love you 5.

    • says

      Holly, it’s awesome to hear from you! Thanks for listening! I didn’t think anyone was, so it’s special to know that you did. We are really excited and happy to be doing what we’re doing. Your comments mean so very much. I love you FIVE!!!!

  2. Vicki Croan says

    Michael, Kim replied earlier, but I had to hear your message AGAIN, so I heard it twice, HAD TO.. SO good to hear you speak, my comments/questions:
    are you ready for all the question/comments you’re gonna get??
    LOVE the “KNOW, GROW, GO”… WHY LEVITCUS??? don’t care, just wondering.
    POOR LITTLE CALEB… I love him so.
    Yeah, busy, so DARN BUSY, however, God gets me thru. Seriously.
    DUDE. CAN YOU DO THIS EVERY DAY?….. gosh, I miss you. inspiring, uplifting, and so glad I had a chance to pray with you and Mercy before you left… Michael, we can never get enough of your teaching. Don’t STOP. DON’T STOP SPREADING YOUR WONDERFUL WORDS ABOUT THE MASTER…. I, too, see him in every page.

    • says

      Vicki, thanks so much for listening! You and Kim are so very special! Caleb knows I was joking in that one part, but I’ll let him know you love him. LOL. As for “why Leviticus”? I sorta answered that before we started filming. You can read my notes, I’ve placed them here on this site for you to read, if that helps. You can see there, why.
      Love you MUCH!

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